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This is too much in the west, even implicating innocent people. These ghosts who say God's kindn Lu Jing was surprised and said, "how do you know?" Mo Jingwen said in silence: "two days ago, during my return to Jiaozhou, I contacted my team several In China, that is, he and the commander-in-chief of Chongqing, as well as their commander-in-chief o Ximenyu tried to bargain: "elder, the seal time is limited. I'm afraid that our people here will "Catch your boy here first, so that you don't shrink away." "For example, now, if only you could generate an 'honest ghost'," says Jing Far away in the capital of China, Han Xiaoye's right hand is thumping on the table rhythmically     ,,,,,,,,,,,,,。 However, Lu Jing's statement today is actually to know her innermost thoughts. "... I'm outside the element tower. I don't know the way. I can't come back. Come and pi Moreover, Lu Ming smelled a very strong smell of blood on this Jiansheng. This should not have happe The leading man turned to the group of people and yelled at them, shouting that the brothers below w "Ha ha, even if the anti heaven sect is gone, you can't kill me." A stream of blood, like a fountain, was actually sprayed into the air of dozens of meters, which mad The temple emissary, who became a skeleton, even attacked his former companions at this time. Originally, Bao and Wan'er were afraid that he would be worried, so he didn't mention it to The White Wolf horse took out a black compass with complicated symbols, stars, eight trigrams and ot

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