Lone star demon: "this is not created, but felt." Chen Jiu raised his fist in anger. It seems that he is going to hit people. Chen Jiu finally resisted. He was not the kind of person who fooled around. Yue shook his head again. In his subconscious mind, there should be many people eating in the restau "It's like some kind of energy crystal, old man. What do you feel?" Chu Huan said, "hold on, let's leave here earlier...!" Jingtian said: "daoxuan, prepare something for me." Accompanied by a high singing ceremony, Xiao Luoyu, the target of Jianmei star, comes lightly. The biggest difference is that people with pseudo pulse are in a real state of health. No matter fro Bai Yan's eyes blurred again, facing a person who can fight for her. How can Yan Xi be like a pyramid scheme. Even caused the blood demon master's rebound. "Naturally, I want to leave here and return to the dark star. What's up, master?" The high-level voice of the bamboo Gang replied. Lei Xingfeng whispered: "when I do it, uncle Ke, go quickly! Go home and tell my uncle that it's At the same time, the two swords, which were full of blood, were shocked! "Now the world is in turmoil, and the chaos in the fairyland is still going on. If something happens Feng Yiting sighed: "it's true. I'm afraid they've destroyed the extremely Yin sand. It&

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