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Cynthia's eyes sparkle, and Pandora island has been at the top of her travel plans since she las In this way... The rings can be used as the "gods" of fragmented creatures to watch them fight, with Today's Tianzhou island is not the original Tianzhou Island, because there are too many experts Even Gao Yu is no exception. It seems that he has been waiting patiently for a while. When he wakes Zhang Xia asked, "look at your posture. Are you really ready to rush to the king of Asia this year?" Xunzang didn't expect his words to frighten the king of Maya, but he could at least restore the Wu Yang opened the secret door, who knows that two times in a row all failed to open, immediately sc Collision in the space cage above, can not rush past, just become a wall. Zhao Nan sneered and said, "I'm afraid the people here are not all of you?" The so-called dispute on the road is totally different from the struggle of the original life body. "It's the mother-in-law of tarzin. What's she doing with it?" Thanks for poison, you have cast a monthly ticket ten thousand times! Silence for two minutes, Tang Zhentian's face with a trace of anxiety, slowly asked. Originally, such a collision, his mount purple feather Silver Eye carving most hit a head broken blo "Damn it, I don't want to transition into chaos, and I won't be able to drop such inhuman Go However, as the Black Elder was around, he didn't dare to say anything, so he took out the catal Both of them are close to China and naturally share a lot of common language. But if you can't see it, isn't it a waste of effort?

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