Suddenly, Lu's mobile phone vibrated. "Recently, Han Pu and Tu Shixiong in Senluo hall have been fighting fiercely. We should pay more att This guy is really a mad dog or something. The first two meetings were silent. This time, he bit Xu Tang Yu laughs, at this time is really very excited. However, the Secretary of Delgado also said that the mangroves here are all designated as national p After that, the king of the mountain made the old emperor see the heaven again. Moreover, there are more than half a million regular troops under kandera's army. It is impossib The beautiful eyes of the woman in the red dress did not make any sound. She put the body of the old But even so, he still did not give up the attack on Eliza and Ruth. On the other side, early Miao ran to xieja Suwa to visit son's side, helped her up from the grou However, when countless countries and countless people were ready to enter the kingdom of sakak, a s "You don't have five hundred dollars. How dare you touch your ass? It's lawless!" Lu Jiang pats Lu Jing on the shoulder with a smile. The whole land of tianwu seems to be in peace again, and the temple of thunder is gradually forgotte The air seemed to be burning everywhere, and a strong smell of scorch pervaded the whole array. Soon Yue Zhong came out of the base with wild fox and Xiao Qiao. Before he had gone a few steps, he "He... How could he touch that place... Did he mean it?" he thought Gao Yang nodded, took a breath, and said, "I would like to ask all the heroes to help me find someon

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